International Solution Group Japan - BEWARE of these ISG JAPAN conmen

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This Japan property scam group is unlicensed in Japan and cons expats into buying old s***ty apartment buildings with horrible loan structure and "tax advantages" for huge commissions direct into a money pit nightmare. IT'S ALL A SCAM.

Stay away from them and file a report to the JFSA if they bother or spam you, or even the LAPD in the US. And never buy or invest in an older Japanese building in the middle of nowhere as a fool. All long term gaijin know this. It is headed buy a self-proclaimed offshore financial conman named Jason Hurst and his brokers, also with no degree or license to sell this *** and their 1 or 2 offshore *** plans.

And you can't sue them either when things go south as they don't have real offices and live in apartments or homes around Tokyo under their wives name.

BUYER AND INVESTOR IN JAPAN BEWARE! "CASH FLOW IS KING"-- these scammers should be kicked out of Japan after any prosecution!!

Product or Service Mentioned: International Solution Group Japan Real Estate Investment Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



Big time illegal soliciting losers in Japan. I feel sorry for thier "clients" and anyone that invested through them..

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